1. It’s gonna be ME!

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  3. *NSYNC being in sync 

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  4. I've got no strings
    To hold me down
    To make me fret
    Or make me frown
    I had strings
    But now I'm free
    There are no strings on me

    Happy belated birthday, NSA! It is now the same age I was when it was released.

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  5. Still have this mag amidst all my other *NSYNC stuff. And I have A LOT of *NSYNC stuff, honestly more than BSB stuff. I had an online friend more or less bequeath me her collection, which included binders with magazine articles, notebooks, gel pens, and A HUGE box of VHS tapes contained taped appearances and TV specials. I really need a VHS to DVD converter, that stuff needs to be converted last week.

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    Throwback Thursday:

    Europe-only video for NSYNC’s “Here We Go”. Just in case you ever wanted to watch a barely-pubescent Justin Timberlake cheat at basketball. (A lot of you whippersnappers on the Internet seem to think that he was born suave and cool, and that rumor needed to be put to rest.)

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    New - One Direction for Event magazine

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    The Beatles’ boots, photographed by Lynn Goldsmith, Deauville Hotel, Miami, 13 February 1964

    “‘The Beatles were coming to Miami to the Deauville Hotel to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. I had turned 16 two days before. My stepfather was in the hotel business and arranged for me to be in the lobby for their arrival. Little did he know that I thought the Beatles were too “goody-goody.” I was a Rolling Stones fan. I didn’t want to disappoint him, since he thought this would be momentous for me. Besides I thought it might be worthwhile, as I’d never seen the lobby carpet. We had just moved to Miami, and in the tour of hotels I was mesmerized by the wild designs in the rugs. I wanted to photograph them all. When the Beatles came through the lobby door, I remember lots of light flashes, but all I could see was their feet. There, on the wondrous carpet background, a river of dark and white swirls, were the most amazing shoes I’d ever seen. I took one shot. John Lennon asked, ‘Don’t you want out faces?’ I looked at him, smiled and shook my head no. He winked. I think he understood I got just what I wanted.’
    Now celebrated for her portraits of rockers, Goldsmith has published 13 photo books, directed music videos and written and performed a quirky ‘self-help comedy’ LP, Dancing For Mental Health, via her alter ego, Will Powers. Turns out the teen who once sniffed at the Fab Four has always been game for change: ‘When I went to see the Beatles, all these girls were screaming and screaming. I thought they were idiots,’ recalls Goldsmith, 65. ‘But before long, I found myself just like them: standing on my chair, tears streaming down my cheeks, yelling, “George! George!’”

    - The Beatles Invasion, TIME

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    Harry Styles, Tokyo, 2013