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    30 Day Song Challenge: Backstreet Boys

    If You Knew What I Knew | Larger Than Life (Single)


    I fucking love their b-sides. I really hope thy release a 2-disc album with b-sides and outtakes, soon as possible, lol. This is my favorite one, along with I’ll Be There For You and My Heart Stays With You

  2. hollye83:


    I can do anything, I was in a boy band" - JT

    Basically if you translated my teens into a gifset, this is what you would get.

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  3. *NSYNC - 2013 MTV Video Music Awards (Backstage)

    It’s been a YEAR. [sobs quietly]

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    Celebrating my Birthday, The Wanted, Atlantic City


  5. I heard once that Jive/Transcon wanted this to be BSB’s first US single, but the guys were so thoroughly embarrassed by it that they were like NO.

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  6. picturesmcgee:

    I’m watching the For The Girl Tour on YouTube right now and it is an experience, let me tell you.

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  7. fakeliampayne: "Ice ice baby donate at http://www.alsa.org thanks girls”

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    The final *NSYNC CD was released on this date in 2001.


    What’s your favorite song off Celebrity?

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