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    Finally finished and published my essay on the Backstreet Boys and their role in my life. A sample before you go and check it out:

    When my mom talks about taking me to that concert, she says something to the effect of, “As soon as they came out, it was like she lost her mind.” In a way, I did. I had never been declarative when it came to crushes on boys before. When I was a teenager, I tried desperately to convince myself that my parents had no idea that I liked boys In That Way. But on that September night, I forgot that my mother was five feet away, and something primal and strange erupted from inside of me. I screamed myself hoarse and left the venue filled with a fervor for the Backstreet Boys that I had not experienced for anything else in my life up to that point.

  2. it goes on and on. turned 2 today!

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    Happy 21st anniversary, BSB!

  4. It’s gonna be ME!

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  6. *NSYNC being in sync 

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  7. I've got no strings
    To hold me down
    To make me fret
    Or make me frown
    I had strings
    But now I'm free
    There are no strings on me

    Happy belated birthday, NSA! It is now the same age I was when it was released.

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  8. Still have this mag amidst all my other *NSYNC stuff. And I have A LOT of *NSYNC stuff, honestly more than BSB stuff. I had an online friend more or less bequeath me her collection, which included binders with magazine articles, notebooks, gel pens, and A HUGE box of VHS tapes contained taped appearances and TV specials. I really need a VHS to DVD converter, that stuff needs to be converted last week.

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  9. dixie-chicken:

    Throwback Thursday:

    Europe-only video for NSYNC’s “Here We Go”. Just in case you ever wanted to watch a barely-pubescent Justin Timberlake cheat at basketball. (A lot of you whippersnappers on the Internet seem to think that he was born suave and cool, and that rumor needed to be put to rest.)

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    New - One Direction for Event magazine

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